Alright so I have some OK news and some super shitty (sort of news:)

OK news: I’m going to be posting a page a day over the weekend (3 total pages) to get us caught up with the patreon sponsors! And this month there will be 2 new pages posted to the patreon- because I forgot to post one last month, whoops 😡

This next bit is, uh, it’s very sad, and it’s not exactly “news,” because I’m pretty sure most of my readers/friends/family members know this already, but, for those of you who do not:

We had to euthanize Mr. Fat at the very end of January.

He had developed a tumor on his tummy, and we know he’d been in some pain about it for the last few weeks. He is survived by his adopted son, Turk, and his Ex-Wife’s Roommate, Boots.

He was a Gentleman (and a Scholar) and I wish you all could have met him.

He would have loved you.